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Old spice guy vs Fabio

That sounds promising. We can generally expects good creative stuff from W+K. Last week when I saw the new Old Spice guy, I was disappointed and I am still because even if it was the teaser of this big buzz and big “fight” coming today at noon (EST) on youtube.com/oldspice it was on a teaser. No real buzz around those videos. No creativity no engagement with fans.

What can we expect ?

Hopefully interactive take over… Implication of facebook fans and twitter followers to vote. Celebrities engagement.

Let’s see after the fight


New Old Spice guy !!! OMG

Obviously something I didn’t get…

Google + vs Facebook

Monday Cheer up: One French word

Just saw that video from MiChmski, an American girl living in Paris… @MiChmski, thanks very much for that. That shows to my English and other non-French friends I am not the only one to swear for everything…

Google Chrome featuring Lady Gaga

Great example of social collaboration:

T-Mobile launches another viral – The Royal wedding

66,000 views in one day…

Skittles : Interactive video

I have the impression creative agencies are very attracted with cats and fingers those days… After Cravendale, “Cat thumbs”, now Skittles “Skittles touch: Cat”