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Google +1 button challenges Facebook Like

Google the most powerful search engine is trying to find its way to be more and more social. After Twitter real time in the search, Google buzz…. now Google launches its own “like button” to share your search with your friends and contacts… That’s a great opportunity for SEO experts because it goes in the same direction that the recent announcement of Google algorythm changes (more qualitative research)…

That is the concretisation of SEO and social should always work hand to hand.

Las december, I was asking to a PCC and SEO colleague that question:
“Is it possible to include a like button into a search ad ?
Because the CTR of a search ad is far more higher than a social ads … So if we can combine both it can be great.”
Here we are… That is a beginning. But the cherry on the cake would be to see a “Facebook Like button” on all the search ads. Unfortunately, the rivalry between the 2 giants are too strong for a useful collaboration. This job goes to SEO and social specialists to make a good collobarative work.

Amazing how people supposely tech savvy are naive