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Advertising, art and cancer


Visa and the World Cup new ad on social media platforms

Visa decides to focus on social media for its UK campaign about the World Cup. They create a video to promote their competition on Facebook with two very well known football specialists… Visa is now another very corporate brand that wants to target people directly in social media. It’s a quite good way to begin by an event like the World Cup and create a competition around. It’s a first good step to engage a real and transparent dialog with their customers…

Coca Cola only on social media

Coca Cola announced they will launch their campaign for the World Cup with two ads just dedicated for social media. Coca Cola is not the first brand that is launched a campaign only on social media. The example of Skittles for example is quite unique. They decide few months ago to dedicate all their digital activities on social media.

Great Campaign for Solidarites International

A nice video made for Solidarites International to create awareness around unsafe water… Offline and online campaign recorded in Paris. Created by BDDP.