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Advertising, art and cancer


Facebook, the antisocial network

If you ask anyone to give you a name of a social platform, there is no doubt that Facebook will come first. But Facebook is not anymore a social platform. What Facebook is creating is a new way to “connect” paid advertising and people. Facebook has a sole identity and should be part of the general media category but it should be exclude of social media. Why ?

What is social media ?

I am not going to re-write a definition so I am just going to, first, take the Oxford dictionary definition of social.

Social (noun): “an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group”

Social (adjective): “relating to society or its organization”

Social network or social platforms came from that basic definition. Those platforms allow anybody to be part of this group and interconnect between each other. That was the first aim of Facebook: connect friends together and even brands with people.

But above all, all those connections if they are social (motivated by feelings, by common interests) should have been natural.

The power of social media is the users. The power of Facebook is the number of users and the advertising business model. It is so powerful that is now step by step killing organic relationship.

Facebook is the Monsanto of the digital era. It is the most powerful producers of “social GMO”, not tested by users, but imposed to them.

Insidiously, Facebook will pollute natural connections.

What about brands ?


Brands that play amazingly well, in limiting their ads on Facebook and creating a strong community management strategy, brands that have great relationships with their customers, that use user generated content, are already punished by the new Facebook algorithm. The new Facebook product is not the timeline, the new design, the new apps, is the new way to use content to produce more “sponsored stories” (paid advertising).

The new lovely cover on your profile, will become a big banner, that anybody will be able to pay for…

So basically, the future for brands on Facebook is to pay more ads to have more visibility. I am not against Facebook and I find them very clever to develop their own business but they are not anymore a social platform.

Hahn beer: The 80’s are back

Great ad from Publicis Mojo and Tom Kuntz.
The cherry on the cake could have been David Hasselhoff and KITT waiting for the fresh beer…

Andy Murray, Head and Facebook

When I saw this ad, my opinion was very mitigated. In one hand, I found it quite fun, interested in the way tro bring social and offline in the same loop, but I am not sure this will show what they are really want to show.
Basically they know British people love Murray, so they want them to love his sponsor on Facebook…
But it seems too much… Facebook and the likers seem to invade Murray space in this ad. Facebook looks what it can look like the real “Big Brother”…

Marketers and context

Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy UK vice president, gave an interview to Gregory Pouy about marketing and context. That’s very interesting and that’s what I like in media or advertising: caring of customers behaviours.

New Jim Beam ad: Willem Defoe transformations

Is this going to be the future of the banners?

That’s a clever idea that solve not just the problem of visibility for companies, but also that horrible feeling when the classic crazy captcha appears on the screen. Some of them are just so annoying stupid game or system that can really make you think you’d rather be a computer than a human standing there proving yourself.

However I’m up for the nice sponsored captcha. What about you?

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