US from social media point of view (Infographic)


Facebook messenger released

Facebook Messenger is the first mobile application released outside of its official Facebook app.
The logo (design) is a disaster as usual for Facebook but the functionalities are very interesting. Application like Groupme can evolved a bit more and find a larger audience.

Greenpeace vs VW – Brilliant

Twitter vs facebook vs Google+ (Infographic)

How to make a video blog successful ?

Old spice guy vs Fabio

That sounds promising. We can generally expects good creative stuff from W+K. Last week when I saw the new Old Spice guy, I was disappointed and I am still because even if it was the teaser of this big buzz and big “fight” coming today at noon (EST) on it was on a teaser. No real buzz around those videos. No creativity no engagement with fans.

What can we expect ?

Hopefully interactive take over… Implication of facebook fans and twitter followers to vote. Celebrities engagement.

Let’s see after the fight

Another US contrast