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“A magazine is an Ipad that doesn’t work”


Facebook, the antisocial network

If you ask anyone to give you a name of a social platform, there is no doubt that Facebook will come first. But Facebook is not anymore a social platform. What Facebook is creating is a new way to “connect” paid advertising and people. Facebook has a sole identity and should be part of the general media category but it should be exclude of social media. Why ?

What is social media ?

I am not going to re-write a definition so I am just going to, first, take the Oxford dictionary definition of social.

Social (noun): “an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group”

Social (adjective): “relating to society or its organization”

Social network or social platforms came from that basic definition. Those platforms allow anybody to be part of this group and interconnect between each other. That was the first aim of Facebook: connect friends together and even brands with people.

But above all, all those connections if they are social (motivated by feelings, by common interests) should have been natural.

The power of social media is the users. The power of Facebook is the number of users and the advertising business model. It is so powerful that is now step by step killing organic relationship.

Facebook is the Monsanto of the digital era. It is the most powerful producers of “social GMO”, not tested by users, but imposed to them.

Insidiously, Facebook will pollute natural connections.

What about brands ?


Brands that play amazingly well, in limiting their ads on Facebook and creating a strong community management strategy, brands that have great relationships with their customers, that use user generated content, are already punished by the new Facebook algorithm. The new Facebook product is not the timeline, the new design, the new apps, is the new way to use content to produce more “sponsored stories” (paid advertising).

The new lovely cover on your profile, will become a big banner, that anybody will be able to pay for…

So basically, the future for brands on Facebook is to pay more ads to have more visibility. I am not against Facebook and I find them very clever to develop their own business but they are not anymore a social platform.

Greenpeace vs VW – Brilliant

Who are you on the web ? Infographic

Google +1 button challenges Facebook Like

Google the most powerful search engine is trying to find its way to be more and more social. After Twitter real time in the search, Google buzz…. now Google launches its own “like button” to share your search with your friends and contacts… That’s a great opportunity for SEO experts because it goes in the same direction that the recent announcement of Google algorythm changes (more qualitative research)…

That is the concretisation of SEO and social should always work hand to hand.

Las december, I was asking to a PCC and SEO colleague that question:
“Is it possible to include a like button into a search ad ?
Because the CTR of a search ad is far more higher than a social ads … So if we can combine both it can be great.”
Here we are… That is a beginning. But the cherry on the cake would be to see a “Facebook Like button” on all the search ads. Unfortunately, the rivalry between the 2 giants are too strong for a useful collaboration. This job goes to SEO and social specialists to make a good collobarative work.

La Gazzetta dello Sport launches a new viral

La Gazzetta dello Sport is becoming social. After their first viral that creates a big buzz few weeks ago… They are launching today a new video where you can become the hero… They called it The Champion.
Let’s see if this one will create an international WOM like last time.

Marketers and context

Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy UK vice president, gave an interview to Gregory Pouy about marketing and context. That’s very interesting and that’s what I like in media or advertising: caring of customers behaviours.