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US from social media point of view (Infographic)


Who are you on the web ? Infographic

Social networks infographic

It’s very US focus but it’s interesting especially when you for the success of the aggregator/bookmarking networks.

Impressive growth for Foursquare

Stop the Christmas songs – A social song

Social commerce: a quick overview

Social Commerce: the use of social media in the context of e-commerce! (wikipedia) A quick and nice video to see where we are and where we will be soon! Are you ready?

Thanks to Infoservi.

How to turn an offline event in a “social media fest” and gain brand awareness!

Lufthansa this year decided to prepare well in advance its campaign for the Oktoberfest, annual massive event that recalls people from everywhere and that is a huge opportunity for Lufthansa too.

But what the brand did this year it’s to engage the audience online in a complete and interesting way, not just with ads or announcement, but using  socialmedia as platforms to spread news and buzz around the event and the brand, creating interest and expectation.

This is one of the best use of social media at the moment: a clever simple campaign, easy to communicate, nice to share and great for coverage and brand awareness.

Lufthansa in fact simply decided to team up with Foursquare and offer a 20 euros discount on the next Lufthans flight to all the people who were checking in 3 of the places listed by the company. In this way they would have reached not just the lovely Foursquare Oktoberfest badge but also the voucher. To maximize the visibility of the offer, Lufthansa used also its Facebook page in a clever way, creating a nice and colorful app/game to invite  friends for a virtual beer in the virtual Oktoberfest, where they were than able to chat and play with the animations.

What I always repeat when some clients want to use foursquare or facebook for the launch of a product or for a particular occasion is:  1) to have a nice and new idea that can really engage the audience and 2) to think all this with time in advance, because if it’s been done well it will have a massive success, while rushing it won’t give good results not even if the idea it’s really amazing.