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Nothing is predictable on Facebook


When a client ask me : “How many fans can you guarantee ?” I always say that I can predict it depends on so many thing. Social media is not an exact science and can’t be resume by an equation.
The example of Leo Messi Facebook is one case study that proves nothing can be predicted.

Leo Messi is considered as on the best football player in the world and before yesterday he hasn’t had a Facebook page. So he decided (or his PR agency) to open one…. Seven hours later, he nearly reached 7 million fans. This the fastest ever growth on Facebook. There was no promotion or ads campaign behind.
The last celebrity who reached a lot of fans (followers) in very short time was Charlie Sheen, two months ago on Twitter. But it was nothing comparable to Messi.

Yes he’s famous, Yes he is a footplayer, but 7 million… That’s unpredictable… A part if, yes there is a IF… He asked Facebook to merge all his unofficial Facebook pages.


The clever “Blog/reality dating” experiment: and it’s product placement!

I couldn’t resist to write this post as soon as i saw the blog: it’s the most clever and funny social media campaign for a brand/place that I seen until now.

This is what I’m speaking about: 52 burrito dates , a blog born by the mind of a funny irish guy working in social media. On the site it’s explained that in a charity Festival the guy won one year of free burrito’s meals in Chilango and that he tough to use these to offer a burrito to a different girl every week. Clever way to find a girl, new friend and why not… to become famous.

Girls can send their requests to be invited, the place it will be always Chilango, wherever is better and the dinner will be always a burrito. Great visibility given to Chilango, also if not specifically based on the food they serve, that is just quickly reported… also as an excuse to define the different tastes.

From my point of view the blog it’s really original and funny to read, also because you don’t know if he really wants to find a girlfriend, but it’s nice to read what happened in each  date. And without not even realize it, the Chilango name get stack in your mind:  it remain you the fact that is an easy mexican place, nice to explore and even good to go with a girl! Thinking in that with the purpose to push a bit the brand amongst all the competitors, I think this is a perfect solution! Basically Richard became the real testimonial of the place, representing also the classic medium Chilango consumer and giving back something nice to read and speak about.

At the moment he has just passed half of the challenge, having reached more  than 54,000 visits, and more than 1,400 followers in Twitter. Are you not curious to see how is this going to finish? Congratulations and good luck to Richard then!

How to turn an offline event in a “social media fest” and gain brand awareness!

Lufthansa this year decided to prepare well in advance its campaign for the Oktoberfest, annual massive event that recalls people from everywhere and that is a huge opportunity for Lufthansa too.

But what the brand did this year it’s to engage the audience online in a complete and interesting way, not just with ads or announcement, but using  socialmedia as platforms to spread news and buzz around the event and the brand, creating interest and expectation.

This is one of the best use of social media at the moment: a clever simple campaign, easy to communicate, nice to share and great for coverage and brand awareness.

Lufthansa in fact simply decided to team up with Foursquare and offer a 20 euros discount on the next Lufthans flight to all the people who were checking in 3 of the places listed by the company. In this way they would have reached not just the lovely Foursquare Oktoberfest badge but also the voucher. To maximize the visibility of the offer, Lufthansa used also its Facebook page in a clever way, creating a nice and colorful app/game to invite  friends for a virtual beer in the virtual Oktoberfest, where they were than able to chat and play with the animations.

What I always repeat when some clients want to use foursquare or facebook for the launch of a product or for a particular occasion is:  1) to have a nice and new idea that can really engage the audience and 2) to think all this with time in advance, because if it’s been done well it will have a massive success, while rushing it won’t give good results not even if the idea it’s really amazing.

Best after summer viral campaigns: Tipp-ex and Sony Pictures

What a viral campaign means? Just look at these two examples and you will understand it.

Who can stop laughing in front of something like this? And of course the next step is a picture and the sharing on Facebook and Twitter! Great and cheap solution for a very low budget movie.

Give to people something funny, curious, unique and the viral effect will start alone. Normally it comes from very simple and elementary ideas like a phrase on a billboard and it’s not something that needs necessarily lots of money, but with more budget you can really do something incredible like Tipp-ex. Check it out!

Of course it’s not easy to create a campaign like this, but for sure it’s easy to recognize a successful campaign when is created!

The last exorcism trailer : Cheap, clever, integrated

It’s a great example of social media usage to promote movie. This trailer is very cheap… and use chat roulette for the recording part… And for the content distribution part… YouTube to seed, bloggers to distribute…

Coca Cola village : great example of integrated campaign

(via Digitalbuzzblog)

Ambient marketing also in holiday

Holiday time: in most part of Europe people are organizing their time off from computers to relax and enjoy the beauty of other countries. And what happen to marketing?

No holidays for marketing and communication. Maybe just a little slowing down, but the work never stop… especially for products that need advertising or can advertise also in this time of the year. Just think about all the travel sector, the events organization, the entertainment industry, and even the beauty sector with all the summer products.

Today i have a really clever and in theme ambient marketing campaign for DOVE and created by Ogilvy. Also if the realization is a bit complicated, the idea is genial!

The request from the client was to push more people to use the products samples from Dove available in each hotel room. The answer from the agency consisted in a little box with the product sample,  a special pen and a message to write on the bathroom mirror.

With the help of the hotel stuff, they will ensure everyone will find an intriguing message on the mirror when they will come out from the shower.

Do you think this worked or you think it’s too intrusive?

Good holiday to everyone… and check your mirror after your shower!

Via Edpunch.