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Ambient marketing also in holiday

Holiday time: in most part of Europe people are organizing their time off from computers to relax and enjoy the beauty of other countries. And what happen to marketing?

No holidays for marketing and communication. Maybe just a little slowing down, but the work never stop… especially for products that need advertising or can advertise also in this time of the year. Just think about all the travel sector, the events organization, the entertainment industry, and even the beauty sector with all the summer products.

Today i have a really clever and in theme ambient marketing campaign for DOVE and created by Ogilvy. Also if the realization is a bit complicated, the idea is genial!

The request from the client was to push more people to use the products samples from Dove available in each hotel room. The answer from the agency consisted in a little box with the product sample,  a special pen and a message to write on the bathroom mirror.

With the help of the hotel stuff, they will ensure everyone will find an intriguing message on the mirror when they will come out from the shower.

Do you think this worked or you think it’s too intrusive?

Good holiday to everyone… and check your mirror after your shower!

Via Edpunch.