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Advertising, art and cancer


The future of Ipad apps

Mobile applications are more and more interactive. The future seems to evolve in the same way than social media: offline and online interact together. After Axa, and it’s interaction with print (AR) this is now a new step.

The last Ipad app is developed for Disney :

I-Ad for Axa:

Old spice guy vs Fabio

That sounds promising. We can generally expects good creative stuff from W+K. Last week when I saw the new Old Spice guy, I was disappointed and I am still because even if it was the teaser of this big buzz and big “fight” coming today at noon (EST) on it was on a teaser. No real buzz around those videos. No creativity no engagement with fans.

What can we expect ?

Hopefully interactive take over… Implication of facebook fans and twitter followers to vote. Celebrities engagement.

Let’s see after the fight

New Old Spice guy !!! OMG

Obviously something I didn’t get…

Hahn beer: The 80’s are back

Great ad from Publicis Mojo and Tom Kuntz.
The cherry on the cake could have been David Hasselhoff and KITT waiting for the fresh beer…

Andy Murray, Head and Facebook

When I saw this ad, my opinion was very mitigated. In one hand, I found it quite fun, interested in the way tro bring social and offline in the same loop, but I am not sure this will show what they are really want to show.
Basically they know British people love Murray, so they want them to love his sponsor on Facebook…
But it seems too much… Facebook and the likers seem to invade Murray space in this ad. Facebook looks what it can look like the real “Big Brother”…

Google Chrome featuring Lady Gaga

Great example of social collaboration: