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Old spice guy vs Fabio

That sounds promising. We can generally expects good creative stuff from W+K. Last week when I saw the new Old Spice guy, I was disappointed and I am still because even if it was the teaser of this big buzz and big “fight” coming today at noon (EST) on it was on a teaser. No real buzz around those videos. No creativity no engagement with fans.

What can we expect ?

Hopefully interactive take over… Implication of facebook fans and twitter followers to vote. Celebrities engagement.

Let’s see after the fight


Another US contrast

E-commerce (Infographic)

Tech companies : Interconnexion

Social ROI or chinese medecine : same philosophy

In China, you don’t wait to be sick to go the doctor, you go to the doctor to don’t be sick. That is the same thing for a brand. In doing a deep and real time, buzz monitoring you assure your brand health. You prevent it against any kind of attack or competitors. That is a qualitative measure so it’s difficult to put a number against being healthy.

In social media, you replicate what you are doing for yourself as a person rather than replicate a business model. Social media is first of all about people, conversations and connexions… So as specialists we just need to facilitate the dialog between brands and consumers through tools and strategies. And we are also here to create a new social model and call it “social model” not business model.

To be developed in a future post

New Old Spice guy !!! OMG

Obviously something I didn’t get…

The French buzz of Bastille day