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Hahn beer: The 80’s are back

Great ad from Publicis Mojo and Tom Kuntz.
The cherry on the cake could have been David Hasselhoff and KITT waiting for the fresh beer…

Monday Cheer up: One French word

Just saw that video from MiChmski, an American girl living in Paris… @MiChmski, thanks very much for that. That shows to my English and other non-French friends I am not the only one to swear for everything…

The new socialnomics video

Andy Murray, Head and Facebook

When I saw this ad, my opinion was very mitigated. In one hand, I found it quite fun, interested in the way tro bring social and offline in the same loop, but I am not sure this will show what they are really want to show.
Basically they know British people love Murray, so they want them to love his sponsor on Facebook…
But it seems too much… Facebook and the likers seem to invade Murray space in this ad. Facebook looks what it can look like the real “Big Brother”…

Google Chrome featuring Lady Gaga

Great example of social collaboration: