Nothing is predictable on Facebook


When a client ask me : “How many fans can you guarantee ?” I always say that I can predict it depends on so many thing. Social media is not an exact science and can’t be resume by an equation.
The example of Leo Messi Facebook is one case study that proves nothing can be predicted.

Leo Messi is considered as on the best football player in the world and before yesterday he hasn’t had a Facebook page. So he decided (or his PR agency) to open one…. Seven hours later, he nearly reached 7 million fans. This the fastest ever growth on Facebook. There was no promotion or ads campaign behind.
The last celebrity who reached a lot of fans (followers) in very short time was Charlie Sheen, two months ago on Twitter. But it was nothing comparable to Messi.

Yes he’s famous, Yes he is a footplayer, but 7 million… That’s unpredictable… A part if, yes there is a IF… He asked Facebook to merge all his unofficial Facebook pages.


2 responses to “Nothing is predictable on Facebook

  1. Hi,

    I’m the page administor and representative of a popular band, which is in Turkey, and I want to merge all non-official pages to an official page.

    How can I report this situation to Facebook and how can I prove that I’m the representative? Please help

    Thank you

    Looking forward to your answers! Thank you so much!

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