The clever “Blog/reality dating” experiment: and it’s product placement!

I couldn’t resist to write this post as soon as i saw the blog: it’s the most clever and funny social media campaign for a brand/place that I seen until now.

This is what I’m speaking about: 52 burrito dates , a blog born by the mind of a funny irish guy working in social media. On the site it’s explained that in a charity Festival the guy won one year of free burrito’s meals in Chilango and that he tough to use these to offer a burrito to a different girl every week. Clever way to find a girl, new friend and why not… to become famous.

Girls can send their requests to be invited, the place it will be always Chilango, wherever is better and the dinner will be always a burrito. Great visibility given to Chilango, also if not specifically based on the food they serve, that is just quickly reported… also as an excuse to define the different tastes.

From my point of view the blog it’s really original and funny to read, also because you don’t know if he really wants to find a girlfriend, but it’s nice to read what happened in each  date. And without not even realize it, the Chilango name get stack in your mind:  it remain you the fact that is an easy mexican place, nice to explore and even good to go with a girl! Thinking in that with the purpose to push a bit the brand amongst all the competitors, I think this is a perfect solution! Basically Richard became the real testimonial of the place, representing also the classic medium Chilango consumer and giving back something nice to read and speak about.

At the moment he has just passed half of the challenge, having reached more  than 54,000 visits, and more than 1,400 followers in Twitter. Are you not curious to see how is this going to finish? Congratulations and good luck to Richard then!


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