Not convinced by Facebook places

So today, it is a big day in the UK for Facebook users. Facebook places is launched. I have played a bit around this morning and to be honest I’m not convinced at all for few different reasons.

– First you can check in a million times in all the places you are around in 2 minutes. Foursquare for example after three quick and successive check ins ask you to stop a bit and don’t take those check in count for your badges. Which is quite fair. If you can check anytime you want, what is the real purpose ?

– Then, you can check in very very far away from where you really are. I check in at least 5 miles far from where I am. So I can say I m with some friends in the same place and I am actually not. Again what is the point ? I check in the 10 Downing street and the Houses of the Parliament… Not bad hein!!! But trust me I’m not so close.

– And then I created places. But fake places… Fake places that already exist but not where I created them.  For example, my profile says I’m at Heathrow airport. But I’m not in Heathrow Airport. I just add Heathrow airport where I was.  You can find now Heathrow airport in the middle of London… I hope Microsoft won’t put that in their maps…

Those few things make me a bit disapointed by this service. And again, think about your privacy settings. Go and check quickly…

But if you think in term of opportunities for a brand it can be really good. Each place has got a new page you can Like. And maybe with the time, Facebook will offer opportunities to promote those pages.

And you what about your Facebook places experiences ?


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