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Is this going to be the future of the banners?

That’s a clever idea that solve not just the problem of visibility for companies, but also that horrible feeling when the classic crazy captcha appears on the screen. Some of them are just so annoying stupid game or system that can really make you think you’d rather be a computer than a human standing there proving yourself.

However I’m up for the nice sponsored captcha. What about you?

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Not convinced by Facebook places

So today, it is a big day in the UK for Facebook users. Facebook places is launched. I have played a bit around this morning and to be honest I’m not convinced at all for few different reasons.

– First you can check in a million times in all the places you are around in 2 minutes. Foursquare for example after three quick and successive check ins ask you to stop a bit and don’t take those check in count for your badges. Which is quite fair. If you can check anytime you want, what is the real purpose ?

– Then, you can check in very very far away from where you really are. I check in at least 5 miles far from where I am. So I can say I m with some friends in the same place and I am actually not. Again what is the point ? I check in the 10 Downing street and the Houses of the Parliament… Not bad hein!!! But trust me I’m not so close.

– And then I created places. But fake places… Fake places that already exist but not where I created them.  For example, my profile says I’m at Heathrow airport. But I’m not in Heathrow Airport. I just add Heathrow airport where I was.  You can find now Heathrow airport in the middle of London… I hope Microsoft won’t put that in their maps…

Those few things make me a bit disapointed by this service. And again, think about your privacy settings. Go and check quickly…

But if you think in term of opportunities for a brand it can be really good. Each place has got a new page you can Like. And maybe with the time, Facebook will offer opportunities to promote those pages.

And you what about your Facebook places experiences ?

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Great campaign against breast cancer

From the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore.

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Best after summer viral campaigns: Tipp-ex and Sony Pictures

What a viral campaign means? Just look at these two examples and you will understand it.

Who can stop laughing in front of something like this? And of course the next step is a picture and the sharing on Facebook and Twitter! Great and cheap solution for a very low budget movie.

Give to people something funny, curious, unique and the viral effect will start alone. Normally it comes from very simple and elementary ideas like a phrase on a billboard and it’s not something that needs necessarily lots of money, but with more budget you can really do something incredible like Tipp-ex. Check it out!

Of course it’s not easy to create a campaign like this, but for sure it’s easy to recognize a successful campaign when is created!