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Facebook changes and news. It’s a monopoly… with the smile!


Conversation between me and me: <<Goodmorning! is the coffe working or not yet? However let’s open the computer and let’s read some news…” Facebook just created Facebook Places!”  Ok, they are answering to the success of Foursquare… it was already written… they did the same when Twitter came out… and since that day everyone is writing his status, so let’s go ahead…. >>

<<Let’s go on Twitter now: “Do you like the new Facebook Photo browsing in just one page?” … i have not even realized… yes, lately i’m working more than looking a photoalbums on facebook, but yes, now that I’m checking out,  it’s really nice… yes right improvement! >>

<<OK let’s start to work a bit at this point and let’s see what is happening on my Facebook pages?…No but no way! It’s impossible… again another change and again another message…

It’s without end and basically it’s a Monopoly!>>

This is an avarage morning online: the real boss is not the client or the amount of work, but Facebook. You can schedule whatever you want, make all your nice notes and plans, write all your brand new and creative proposal, but if Facebook has decided for a change that’s it… and you have a very little possibility to don’t fell in its plans. You need to cope with all its changes, in the good like in the bad.

Lots of upgrades weren’t well accepted at the beginning (new look of the homepage, like button instead of fan button) and you can say whatever you want but only one it’s the reality…you will GET USED!

So after the launch of Facebook Places and the new photo browsing, now prepare yourself to change all the assets you placed in the tabs of your different fan pages, because from the 23rd of August they won’t fit anymore, and be prepared also to loose all your boxes on the side…

What? do you want to complain? try to find a new powerful socialnetwork otherwise… Good luck!


The last exorcism trailer : Cheap, clever, integrated

It’s a great example of social media usage to promote movie. This trailer is very cheap… and use chat roulette for the recording part… And for the content distribution part… YouTube to seed, bloggers to distribute…

Coca Cola village : great example of integrated campaign

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Ad against domestic violence in Germany

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Facebook in numbers : Clear, Interesting, Useful

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New Cadbury ad… As usual weird, fun, classy…

Ambient marketing also in holiday

Holiday time: in most part of Europe people are organizing their time off from computers to relax and enjoy the beauty of other countries. And what happen to marketing?

No holidays for marketing and communication. Maybe just a little slowing down, but the work never stop… especially for products that need advertising or can advertise also in this time of the year. Just think about all the travel sector, the events organization, the entertainment industry, and even the beauty sector with all the summer products.

Today i have a really clever and in theme ambient marketing campaign for DOVE and created by Ogilvy. Also if the realization is a bit complicated, the idea is genial!

The request from the client was to push more people to use the products samples from Dove available in each hotel room. The answer from the agency consisted in a little box with the product sample,  a special pen and a message to write on the bathroom mirror.

With the help of the hotel stuff, they will ensure everyone will find an intriguing message on the mirror when they will come out from the shower.

Do you think this worked or you think it’s too intrusive?

Good holiday to everyone… and check your mirror after your shower!

Via Edpunch.