Old Spice: Why we can’t consider traditional advertising against social media

Old Spice campaign is the best example so far to prove that traditional advertisement is not dead and can’t be radically opposed to social media. Social media is not the new advertisement. Old Spice, has launched its advertisement campaign in the traditional media… and the ad became viral on the Internet because of the quality of the content… And now, Wieden + Kennedy, the creative agency who held the account, adapts the idea and the content to make the ad a social media campaign.

The killer idea : Twitter and YouTube

Yesterday, the social media sphere became crazy with OldSpice ad. Not just because of the content, not just because the idea was great… Basically it was not just an organic mechanism… It was also because behind, PR on the Internet and traditional media were amazing, behind the creative agency was unbelievably quick and responsive… And thanks to all of that, Old Spice was one of the best trend on the Internet yesterday.

This killer idea is not only an amazing creative idea it’s also an expansive idea. Yesterday, people could ask any question to the Old Spice man on Twitter @OldSpice. And the Old Spice man was responding in video post on YouTube and Twitter. In one day, they manage to do 116 videos (mix of celebrities @TheEllenShow, famous blogger @kevinrose, and big brands @Starbucks ) … That’s an amazing agencies collaboration work : creative and PR… And the rest of course, thanks to people…

Few videos here :


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