Today: The Glueberry Baker proposes

– First thing young women do in the morning ? Go to the bathroom… If your answer is that, you are absolutely wrong… Before that, they check Facebook. It’s not a joke. Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research, just present a survey today. The fact is as many as one-third of women aged 18-34, check Facebook as soon as they wake up. To be honest, I’m a bit surprised, I was thinking to live with a social media and Facebook addict, but she finally is absolutely normal. (via Mashable)

Main Course:

– If you work in media, maybe you were quite happy to know that Twitter has changed its business model introducing ad. The little problem is Twitter is unreachable (if someone as any clue, feel more than free to let us know). Anyway, some people seem to be really happy with that Twitter service and that lets Twitter continue to develop new ad products, very interesting. Finally, we can say Twitter has finally a real business model. The last service launched this week is @Earlybird.  It’s a Twitter channel with the last great deals and offers from companies that pay to be in… And this channel is managed by Twitter. (via Mashable)

Dessert:  It’s a great Iphone application a bit like Foursquare but with another sens. It’s a localisation service but it gives you all the great deals around. It could be a shop, it could a person, anything basically. And it’s based on recommandations. That’s a real social tool… The Android and Blackberry versions are coming soon. (via Presse Citron)

The Glueberry Baker Special:

– New “pop art” packaging fro Burger King. They seem inspired by the Andy Warhol… This new packaging will arrive at the end of 2010 all accross Europe. (via Brandrepublic)


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  2. Who is not hard to tell me how to set a bookmark in the profile , but what then e is obtained ?

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