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Big recognition for social media in the advertising world

Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is one the most famous festival where the biggest advertisers, advertising and media companies compete and present their best ads… This year was the social media year. I think everybody from now have understood that social media is an absolute necessity in advertisement, is not necessarily a long term relationship brand-clients but a very clever and specific campaign and social media is integrated (online/offline together is the secret of the success.

Two campaigns received a award: Best Buy and Nike/Lifestrong’s Chalkbot.
Best Buy received it for a Twitter customer service promoted through traditioinal ads.

Nike won the award for a campaign done by Wieden+Kennedy. They played around the Tour de France. They wrote messages on the way of the Tour and those messages mechanically pulled from networks as Twitter.

The future is obviously social but integrated and in continuous….


Visa and the World Cup new ad on social media platforms

Visa decides to focus on social media for its UK campaign about the World Cup. They create a video to promote their competition on Facebook with two very well known football specialists… Visa is now another very corporate brand that wants to target people directly in social media. It’s a quite good way to begin by an event like the World Cup and create a competition around. It’s a first good step to engage a real and transparent dialog with their customers…

France: Trash video for road safety

UK was well known to broadcast very trash campaign for road safety compared to France. With this new video, you can see is not anymore the case. It’s very hard to see, a bit too long unfortunately but trash. The question now is does the trash works ? Does it make a difference ?

Adidas Originals and Star Wars

Iphone app. for a new way to visit London

The Museum of London and the agency Brother and Sister have just launched a new interesting Iphone app, to really live London in his past and present!

This is an intelligent way for the Museum to use their resources and gain awareness, but is especially a great tool for tourists but also people from London and willing to know more about the history of the places, without being closed in a museum, but living them in a “direct” way.

In the creation of an Iphone application the major question anyone needs to answer is this: with this app. am I giving more to my users? Am I giving them a new experience, new informations, or a new and clever service? Develop an app just if you can answer yes to one of these questions!

Via and Ninja Marketing