Environmental campaign in social media : Save the beach by Corona

Corona is entering in the social media world in a quite surprising way. The beer brand decides to launch an environmental campaign on Facebook. And it works pretty well, the Facebook page is very well updated, with interesting news and it’s not about Corona. It’s really about being green, and defend also your country.

Few weeks ago, Corona has launched the Facebook page and more than 13,000 people like the page and comment every day. Prove that social media is not only about marketing but can help causes. The aim of the campaign is different things. At the end of it, an hotel made of waste materials found on beaches will be created by a famous German artist  HA Schult. A real hotel because they also create a website to book a night or more in the hotel. This year it will take place in Italy… But and that’s why is very engaging campaign and well conceive, in becoming fan of the page you  can win two things: A trip in Cancun (very marketing) and an event next year in YOUR beach… If you are from the UK, you can fight to have your beach cleaned, and also it’s a very good way to attract the attention of the media on an english area, not very famous.

That’s a very clever marketing strategy for beer brand. Fully complete and only in social media. There is also a Twitter channel and a website.


One response to “Environmental campaign in social media : Save the beach by Corona

  1. Hi Giorgia,

    I loved this blog post. I agree with you that we need to get the word out on the fabulous things brands are doing.

    I just wrote a blog post on cause marketing and I’d love to get your thoughts on it.

    Love your blog – I’ll check in regularly.


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