Elephants in peaceful guerrilla around London

In these days a funny guerrilla marketing action is taking place around London: Elephant Parade. Yes, there are elephants everywhere, lots of them, little and colorful statues decorated to raise awareness about the extinction of  the asian species.

“Elephant Parade celebrates the magnificent Asian elephant in the most colourful way possible. But tragically, this iconic animal is on the brink of extinction due to massive habitat loss. It is simply running out of space and time.”

But this campaign organized by www.elephantfamily.org, has other 2 main purposes: raise money for the cause and  let people sign for a petition to ask help to politicians.

And how they did that? Each elephant has a name and it’s in sale by auction on this website. Then at the base of each elephant, a little message is explaining that sending a text message you will contribute with money to save the species. And finally there is the online bit: of course they have a Twitter channel and a Facebook page, but nothing more was written on the statues to push you to go online… until i found this message on one of them: ” Have you found Cloudia yet? “www.helpcloudia.com

Lots of competition are in fact taking place on the social network and all the people are sending their pictures of the statues everyday. It’s a real addiction to run behind each one of them. The site provide you also a map to check out all of the statues…but some change position like Cloudia.

So, of course I went directly online with my phone to see news about Cloudia and what I found was the petition ready to be filled. For all of us a bit lazy and also full of different messages 24/7, a solution like this is just the necessary to let us take action and transform this funny exposition and experience in a useful way to raise awareness and support from everyone really!

What do you think of this integrated guerrilla marketing campaign? Do you have any other example of  guerrilla made for a cause?


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