Politics and Twitter : a new way to communicate ?

Politics in every country use Twitter. But they use it in one way generally, they don’t interact very much with their followers, they don’t follow a lot of people. They use Twitter as a new communication tools, to be quicker. They also use it to give an opinion sometimes slightly different than their party, that make them a bit more human. But do they take in count the opinion of people ? Until now not really, one politician maybe will give a new trend to the others encouraging them to have a two discussion with their people. It’s Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.

What is he doing ?

A lot of people have complained in Chavez’s Twitter account. And recently he announced he will create a special fund to answer to those complains. The president is followed by 250,000 people. And he goes even more far, because he decided to allocate 200 people to follow his Twitter and answer to people. His account @chavezcandanga is only opened since the 28th of April. We can actually say it’s a massive success in a country where only 30% of the 27 millions inhabitants are connected to Internet.

It’s a very unique and new way to do politics and treat extremely quickly the problems of people. We will see if it’s feasible in a long term and if it’s a major input in the way to do politic…


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