Social networks to share, to check and…to pray!

I will put together three news I found this week related to social networks and their utility. These are not directly connected, but all are a sign of a passage in the way to use internet and to accept this new way to keep in touch with people.

1) Social Media is coming to your Office!

Palo Alto-based Socialtext and other smaller companies already supply workplaces with the same sort of online social tools that Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter brought into the mainstream in recent years — features such as networks of personal connections, internal wikis that allow groups of employees to collaborate, and Twitter-like microblogs that co-workers can follow.

Basically we will be part and we will interact through social media even more in the future … almost 24 hours a day! However if this can help the work and solve problem in big companies with lots of employees and no structure, why not?

But if we get more confident in the use of Social networks, also our approach to them will change and maybe we will discover other sides of this instruments… here the second news.

2) 48% of parents friends their kids on Facebook!

Parents admitted that “it can be awkward at times” when they follow their kids’ Facebook updates, but think that it’s probably worth it to keep tabs on them.”

It’s clear parents are changing their use of Facebook and of the Internet as a way to control their children. I’m supposing this will also brings some effect on teens’ behavior on Facebook and on their relations with this particular social network! Are they going to look for a another safe place where to speak with freedom.

But the article says also that “the 12% of parents s have banned their kids from using social media as punishment.” This is really the new era!

3) Welcome

And finally if we are changing our way to interact with people, member of your own family and colleagues, thanks to the social networks… what about your soul?

If the same Italian church recognizes the fact they need to be a bit more 2.0 and tries to speak to people in the  new way the world is using, it was of course time also for a prayers social network: a new way to pray together and share good intentions!

Now we have seen a lot of uses of social networks… there are many other kind of useful or weird social networks. Don’t hesitate to give us your example…


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