Today: The Glueberry Baker proposes


– After social media for B2B, the trend is to give advices and tips to Non Profit Organizations. Everywhere in social media blogs you can see marketers all the benefits NGO can find in communicate in the social media area. Agree is very good field for associations in general, but tell me for what kind of business social media is not beneficial ? (via Livemint)

Main Course:

– Even the US government is going to copy Facebook. “The government this fall plans to launch a new Facebook-like social networking program for federal employees. The site, called FedSpace, is intended to provide feds with more opportunities to communicate, collaborate and share information. FedSpace will allow feds to write blogs, create wikis and share files with one another. It will also have employee directories and a search feature.” (via FederalTimes)


– Agencies maybe are going to freak out if…. “Agencies would be paid by results if the Conservative Party wins the next General Election as a way to get better value for money from COI’s £232 million annual budget”. (via Campaign)

The Glueberry Baker Special:

– This week is the launch of old ad campaign themes… After Honda is now Nescafe. ” Nestle-owned coffee brand Nescafe is to revive its TV ads featuring the romantic Gold Blend couple, after a break of more than 10 years.” (via Brandrepublic)


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