Facebook, brands and legal issues

Any brand can open their Facebook page to promote their brands, their products, organise a competition, create applications… They generally knows very well their rights and duties about the material they can use. So you think, if they fit within the Facebook terms and conditions, it will be no legal issues… But what if:

– A fans of the page post, anything that can be offensive for the brand, competitors of the brand, others fans ?

– A fans post a content not appropriate regarding a brand association?

I’m wondering because no one really knows about that. Even Facebook, because Facebook hosts the content but he is not responsible of posting, moderating and rules between a brand or another.

The fans who posts something offending can be eventually resp0nsible for his content because it’s illegal regarding the law ? But which law, from which country ?

And the fans can’t be blame if he posts a video not relevant because of agreement between two brands, because he doesn’t know.

And the brand that own the page, is it responsible ? It’s the duty of the community manager to moderate and report to Facebook offensive content. But because Facebook can’t be pre moderate, what happen if the community manager doesn’t see it on time ? It can’t be responsible for users content …

There is a gap in the law for that… Or I am not aware of everything… If you know better about that, please feel free to leave a comment …


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