Twitter social game campaign: #UNDERGROUNDPUZZLE

Creating a channel on Twitter or a Like page on Facebook is easy and quite common nowadays. You have your fans or followers and you chat with them, you exchange opinion and you try to engage them in the best way possible… but of course all of us know that a good campaign is normally created by a big buzz and engagement online.

This buzz is not always caused by big agency ideas, but for sure normally it has a big creative idea behind and an easy way to arrive, interact with people and interest them. It’s not a case in fact that the best campaigns are made with the support of mixed media:  integrated media campaign.

One of the example that I liked the most in the last days was the Undergroundpuzzle project, created by the agency Johannes Leonardo for the brand Daffy’s. Basically they disseminated the NY underground billboards with pieces of a picture and a twitter hashtag #UNDERGROUNDPUZZLE. Of course this was creating interest, curiosity and buzz.

All the people were invited to take a pictures with their phones and post it on twitter under that hashtag. The final purpose was to collect all the pieces and discover the full image and brand behind that. This is clearly an engaging campaign on Twitter and a clever way to use the channel, but of course it was great also because helped by billboards, an offline communication strong enough to be under everyone’s eyes everyday.

However for me the most important thing is not the buzz created by the campaign or the great idea to let people play on and with Twitter, but is the fact to let them play together, to help each other to unify the final picture.

This was not just a media campaign, but a SOCIAL media campaign in the real sense.


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