Today: The Glueberry Baker proposes


– Spotify is entering in social media. ” The guys at Spotify are in fact creating a really powerful social network which even connects with Facebook thanks to some features. These new changes will be available on two different levels of complexity – the Free and the Premium accounts.” (via Free PC Guides)

Main course:

–  “College students are “addicted” to social media and experience the same withdrawal symptoms as substance abuse addicts do when their “drug” of choice is taken away, according to a new study reported by in cooperation with PsychCentral.” (via NY Dailynews)

– Stoke-on-Trent holds the first social media surgery… What is that ? It’s people who helps other who don’t understand social media. It took place yesterday in a pub and they think to organise that every 2 months. (via StaffsLive)
The Glueberry Baker special:
The new Magners campaign (via Campaign)

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