Today: The Glueberry Baker proposes…


– Today at noon, the US  National Archives will be hosting a Civil-War themed social media scavenger hunt to advertise its newest exhibit “Discovering the Civil War.” The event kicks off on their main Facebook page. “The scavenger hunt occurs across the National Archives’ array of social media sites, including over a dozen Facebook pages, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter sites.” (via American Chronicle)

Main Course:

– It’s not really a surprised but it is the last study done. “According to results of the recent BlogHer and iVillage 2010 Social Media Matters Study, which was co-sponsored by the Nielsen Company and Ketchum, social sites make up approximately 75% of the destinations of internet users.” (via Drop Ship Access)


– When some social media platforms can be quite dangerous. Blippy for example is a platform to exchange your bank statements and purchases with your friends. It should be confidential, but the cache, this weekend they appeared on Google. The company asked Google to remove them… But anyway it’s a bit late. What is the purpose if that kind of social media use ? (via TechTremor)

The Glueberry baker special:

-New ad for Honda. The launch is this afternoon. It was created by W+K London and they relaunched the old them “Impossible Dream”. (via Brandrepublic)


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