Buying fans in Facebook… and what is going to be your return?

Yesterday I came across this article and I was quite surprised:

Social media marketing company uSocial have added a brand new Facebook marketing service to their wildly popular roster of social media marketing services.   The newest offering is designed to eliminate the mental and financial stress that can be associated with Facebook marketing.  When you get help from, you only have to buy the Facebook fans you need. You’ll get all the Facebook fans you want in a snap!  It’s just the best way to reap the benefits of Facebook marketing.’s CEO, Leon Hill, explains: “We can deliver relevant people in almost any industry or interest group, from pets and animals, to business, marketing and so much more.”

Now can someone just explain me which is the point of BUYING fans? Do you think you will have more people following you because they are really interested in what you do? Do you think they will keep on following your page ?…consider that it’s easy to open a page but is quite hard to maintain it and keep on engaging with fans!

Maybe I’m a bit old fashion, but I think the real results are reachable just when you work hard and you are transparent with your audience. Having some fake fans doesn’t really appeal to me and I really don’t understand the purpose of all this.

Normally you will increase your fans and your relationship with your audience, trying directly, getting engage, giving them materials they want, entertaining them,  and also learning from your mistakes…this will make your page better and better. With a bunch of fake fans how do you think you can create a relationship with your audience and even consumers … How do you really think to get to KNOW them?

The fans or the people who like your brand in Facebook, remember are not just a number good to reach the top of the rank. They are primarily your consumers, the evangelists of your brand, they represent your audience and you have to listen and speak with them. You can learn lots from them! What can you reach listening fake fans?

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