Finally Culture speaks 2.0 with Italians

It’s with big surprise and pleasure that I discovered yesterday some viral videos made by the Italian Cultural Institution to promote a week of art and culture free for everyone in Italy.

Like every year from the 16th to the 25th of April lots of artistic places in Italy will be open and free to be visited from everyone. To communicate the initiative, this year the MIBAC (Ministero per i beni e le attivita’ culturali) offers more than the classic advertising in TV. This year they became 2.0 and here is the proof.

They realized some short and funny videos just to let young people understand that for the same prize (free) of watching a funny video on YouTube,  they could instead see the most important pieces of the Italian cultural patrimony.

And because a video can’t stand alone, the MIBAC is promoting the videos and the campaign also on Facebook and Twitter. For a public italian structure I have to admit it’s a really big step!

Good luck to who is in charge of engaging people on these new channels! I’m sure this year there will be a much younger participation to the events. Well done!

(Via Ninja Marketing)


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