You tube and a full channel of successful cases studies

How many times a client have asked you for a VIRAL VIDEO, like if it’s something you can just create mixing some ingredients?

We all know that what it makes a video very successful it’s of course a clever idea at the base, but also the way a brand is presented, and the way you communicate that video around!

Then you will have other elements to help you: an adequate branded channel, the interactivity of the video, and of course the brand, product or service you are proposing have their importance. A trendy product will probably work better than any other subject.

However, to have some more ideas and to deeply understand what make a video really VIRAL and a marketing video campaign successful, the same You Tube and  Art Directors Club Global created a channel Show and tell to put together the best viral video case studies!

Have fun and i wish you to find your next video there soon!

(via Kawakumi)


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