When social media becomes social in the real life

Social media are obviously social in term of interactivity, but with the recent events around the volcano in Iceland, Twitter for instance shows is real power if socialization in real life. It becomes useful in its proper sens. Twitter is not anymore only a entertaining tool for young people, or a customer service for brand, a channel to give a voucher or a tool for a brand to interact with their customers is a tool that helps people and that shows the solidarity between people who use it.


Very well appropriate this famous ashtag… If you make a research in Twitter about the mentions with #ashtag you will access to all the information you need about the flights, the countries, the companies affected but the volcano ash cloud.
But you also can see appeared some specific requests and answers. If you need a car or if you have space in your car make a research with #roadsharing, as well if you need to go home try #getmehome. Those who have a spare room or need one look here: #putmeup.
Because of that event, Twitter will change in brain of people. We will see in few weeks if people have decided to register more in Twitter and if they will stay. That opens a new era and give to social media a real consistency, a real power for everybody.


One response to “When social media becomes social in the real life

  1. And what about this page on facebook?

    “The ash cloud from Iceland is stopping flights in Europe. Use this page to hitch a ride or offer a ride with your car. Write where you’re at and where you’re going. A service from the Swedish carpool movement “Skjutsgruppen”.

    The group in few day has reaced more than 3,000 fans!

    However this is really a global social event and i think being there, trying to come back home in someway, collaborating with people and sharing their adventures is a unique experience… in the good like in the bad!

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