Case study: Vitaminwater is totally Facebook crazy

Vitaminwater is a US brand of drinks. This brand is totally social media savvy as they have a presence in every social media platform. Above all they know how to use them without being seller or pushy. But the best part of it, is their presence on Facebook. They adopt Facebook completely, totally, crazily for the best of the brand and their customers.

Facebook page is the new Homepage

First they put their homepage on Facebook. Anything you want to find about the company you find it in their Facebook page.  So when you are redirected in Facebook, you can easily become fan (now Like the brand) and have access to a lot of content. They think Facebook is so powerful for their communication that they put Facebook on their TV ad, and the must, they create a new drink called connect. If  it’s not an adoration for Facebook I don’t know what it is. Are they sponsored by Facebook ? Do they have some connections in anyway ?

Successful interaction and engagement

Like Starbucks, they asked their Facebook fans to create a new drink. Through an application quite fun, and also some questionnaire, they had the possibility to create the new Vitaminwater flavour. The winner received a prize of $5,000. In only one month they gained more than 580 000 fans. That’s a great marketing operation. The last one is to give 100 000 free bottles of Connect to the 100,000 fans who signed up for the coupon.

Other social media presence

Vitaminwater Connect

Even if they are crazy of Facebook, they are not only on Facebook. They have a Twitter channel with more than 3,800 followers. They put their ads on YouTube and Vimeo. They also have a great blog, they do interview of people who drink Vitaminwater around the world, they post videos and post info.


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