@anywhere… A copy of Facebook or a Twitter revolution

Is Twitter copy Facebook or did they make a real difference of concept or vision ?
What is @anywhere ?



It’s been few weeks now, people interested in social media know quite everything about @anywhere. But today is the official launch. The aim is to put Twitter in a website, a blog any platform. In that sens is kind of Facebook connect. It’s the same principle. But for Twitter is a vision of their system completely new. The Twitter platform is hosting link and forces people to go out of Twitter. Facebook has got the opposite vision,they host everything and they want people stay in the platform. So with anywhere, and the Twitter connect, people will be redirect toward twitter.
Also when in your blog or website, you will write about a twitter account, let say @Glueberrypie, the readers will be automatically redirected in this twitter account.
In this concept, Twitter goes everywhere to drive more people in… So yes with the API, and the Twitter connect, it could be at the first glance consider like a copy of Facebook … But for a platform like Twitter is a complete revolution in term 0f thinking Twitter… And it’s probably the first revolution, and a good one that will allow Twitter to stay a very powerful tool for brands.


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